it me

it me

ok.. so they were filming the “Stanford” scene last night… (with a big TG moment, btw)

they would watch the playback in the same chair - they must have run out of chairs or something since this is not the first time

so yeah.. sitting reallly close (she might even been sitting on his lap )… she’s leaning on his shoulder and he had his arm around her (of course!)… the hand just happened to be really low on her back
he can’t seem to take his hands off…

while they were coming out… arms around her again but a little higher this time… hip area..
but there’s this moment which even the Agent is not sure is part of the scene they were filming or not… and most of this moment happened away from the prying eyes…like you can only see their feet and hear giggles…
uhm.. they were laying down…
and then…

they started kicking their legs in the air…
did I mention they were in the back of a truck?
they were filming with a hand-held camera during all these….but the Agent is not certain if it was part of the film.. ok… so Zac got up…

Who was holding this hand-held?!?
a member of the crew

so Zac got up.. and we know how playful he can get…. Z got up like he was actually on top of her
and we know they have the same humor…

not a joke…the Agent is full-blown kuuipo now…
so yeah.. with Vanessa having the same humor…

she had to have some sort of retort for Zac’s action, right?
they were filming and goofing off in between… so TG moment with ZV moment thrown in.. ok.. so Zac tried to get up from their position….
did I mention they shared food at lunch?
yeah the back of the truck…

so where was I? so she pulled him back down… oh yes she did!!!… I think that’s when the Agent kinda feel like she was witnessing too much.. … she couldn’t see their faces…

and then she said they shared lunch..

—HSM 3 extra (summarized/as-told-to version)

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Matt Redman

—10,000 reasons


10,000 Reasons - Matt Redman

Sing like never before oh my soul, I’ll worship your holy name

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Sara Bareilles

—1000 Times


1000 times // sara bareilles

a hundred and five
little blades in a line
from your skin to mine
and i feel it

5 Seconds Of Summer

—She Looks So Perfect - Acoustic


Acoustic version of She Looks So Perfect from the Webstore EP package :)